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Life Science 13-14

Developed ovary
The vascular ____ is between the phloem and xylem
Having two of each type of chromosome
Top part of pistil
Leaf-like structure at the bottom of a flower
Plant's response to the length of day
Food for hummingbirds - helps attract pollinators
Budding is an example of ___ reproduction
Small opening in the bark for gas exchange
Gas used in aerobic cellular respiration
Male portion of a flower
Root ____ help roots absorb water
Plant's response to gravity
Chemicals used by plants to store food
Female portion of a flower
Movement of water through the plant's stomata
Having one of each type of chromosome
Spreading of pollen from one plant to another
Animals very important to pollination
Found between the ovary and stigma
Top part of stamen
Layer below palisade layer of a leaf