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Legal Topics--Consumer Law

Teacher: Pat Palmer
"Let the seller beware."
Sales within a state.
Under this law, someone who is injured from a product's unsafe or defective condition may recover damages.
An ___ food or drug is one that contains any substance that will reduce its quality or strength below minimum standards.
The agency of the U.S. government that promotes free and fair trade competition. Also known as the FTC.
Gives you three business days to cancel contracts for purchases made away from the seller's regular place of business.
Legally binding orders issued by the FTC to stop a practice that would mislead the public.
___ misrepresentation is any statement that deceives the buyer.
"Let the buyer beware."
Makes manufacturers or suppliers responsible for selling goods that are unreasonably dangerous.
An example of a nongovernment agency that hears consumer complaints at the local and state levels.
An ___ practice is an act that misleads consumers.
In ___ advertising, a store advertises bargains that do not really exist to lure customers in hopes that they will buy more expensive merchandise.
Someone who buys or leases goods, real estate, or services for personal, family, or household purposes.