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World Geography Chapter 4 Quiz


Date:_______________ Period:_______________
Way of life of a group of people who share similar culture traits, including beliefs, customs, technology, and material items
The average number of people living on a square mile of land
A ___ system is a form of government in which all key powers are given to the national or central government
The movement of people from place to place
Group of related languages that have all developed from one earlier language
A Culture ___ is a center where cultures developed and from which ideas and traditions spread outward
System of government in which those who rule are regarded as divinely inspired
The variations in population that occur across a country, a continent, or the world
A ___ boundary is a fixed limit or extent defined along physical geographic features such as mountains and rivers
Number of births per year for every 1,000 people
The number of years it takes for a population to double in size
A ___ boundary is a geographical boundary between two different cultures
System of government in which a small group holds power
The ___ transition model that uses birthrates and death rates to show how populations in countries or regions change over time
Number of deaths per year for every 1,000 people
A diagram that shows the distribution of a population by age and gender
System of government in which leaders rule with the consent of the citizens
The growth rate of population; the difference between birthrate and death rate
Division of the Earth in which people share a similar way of life, including language, religion, economic systems, and values
A ___ boundary is a boundary that follows a geometric pattern
System of government in which one person rules with unlimited power and authority
Cultural ___ is the spread of culture traits, material and non-material, from one culture to another
Group of people who share common ancestry, language, religion, customs, or place of origin
A ___ system is a form of government in which powers are divided between the national government and state or provincial governments
A form of autocracy with a hereditary king or queen exercising supreme power