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Physical Science 13

Machine that makes images from radio waves and magnets
These waves have the shortest wavelengths
FM stands for ____ modulation
_____ light is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum humans see
One bad effect of UV radiation
Electromagnetic radiation doesn't need a _____
___ radiation includes light and x-rays
GPS stands for global ____ system
These waves have long wavelengths and low frequencies
The U.S. Dept of ____ owns the satellites used for GPS
24 ____ are needed to keep the GPS system working 24 hours per day
These waves might detect a car speeding
AM stands for ____ modulation
First person to use the term photon
These waves are used to keep food warm
Type of therapy used to kill tumor cells
Uses both AM and FM radio waves
These waves are used to kill microorganisms
These waves excite water molecules in food
The ____ wave is the frequency assigned to a radio station
Discovered that light hitting metal causes electrons to be ejected
Electromagnetic waves travel 300,000 km per _____