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Tree Planting

Flys in trees
Planting guru
Planters eat there - 2 words
Friendly tree - 2 words
Best planter
An altered tool for planting
Going somewhere remote and magical - 2 words
Slippers for boots
Individual planters working close together - 2 words
Undesirable parts of the land
Treeplanting is one part of this
Juicy ground
Overexposure to moisture
Remove debris from the ground
Planting in areas that need trees - 2 words
Form of harvest
Hiding trees
Carrying trees
Grouplings of trees
Decomposed tree planting medium - 2 words
Loose trees are stored here for planting
Relax, drink beer, play guitar - 2 words
Worst planter
Dishes - 2 words
Scarification in piles
2 needles - 2 words
Scarification in lines
Ideal planting location
Planter transport on the block
Trees are kept
Crew transport
Collection of debris
Acronym for insufficient trees
Woody debris on the ground
Loses its needles
Trees are kept in these