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Tree Species Identification

Common name for True Firs
Spruce and Cottonwood like to grow here
White peeling bark - 2 words
Latin genus of trees that the leaves are opposite arranged and deeply lobed
5 needle pine
Acronym - BEC Zone found in the Interior
BEC zone in the Interior that will contain the most variety of species - 3 words
Scaly leaves - 2 words
Western Red Cedar is resistant to:
Cones that open in fire are called:
3 needle pine
Vessels which contain seed of the trees
Flowers on a Birch tree
Chalky substance appears when rubbing the bark of this tree
2 needle pine
Latin genus of trees that the cones grow upright
Endangered pine tree
Needles in 15-30 bunches
Name of the trees that will propagate first in a disturbed area
Red terminal buds - 2 words
Grows well in wet areas
High elevation true fir
Found near riparian, trees on the coast but shrubs in the interior
Sticky fragrant buds
Flaccid top
Loses its leaves in the winter
Deciduous tree on the coast and shrub, small tree in the interior
Family of trees that Cottonwood, Aspen and Tulip trees belong
Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine are resistant to: