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Introduction to Science: Chapter 1, Section 2

Teacher: Mrs. S. Vandervort
Material primarily derived from non-living matter, such as minerals and rocks.
A lower horizon or soil layer that is not as dark as topsoil because it contains less organic material and more mineral material.
The processes that break rocks down into soil.
Material primarily derived from living organisms.
Has particles smaller than sand; some are so fine that they can only be seen with a microscope.
A layer of solid rock that lies below the subsoil.
A substance composed of decayed organisms' particles.
Contains a range of sand, silt, clayband humus mixtures.
Used by chemists to express the degree af acidity or basicity of a substance.
To break down the remains, leaving behind minerals and humus.
Course and gritty with large, easily seen particles which allow air and water into the soil.
The top 2 to 6 inches of soil.