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Pandora Culture Crossword

What step in the PSC do we "Exchange Names"?
How many times do we offer the PPC in a transaction?
Where can you find important dates and need to know info?
What does FAB stand for?
Where are everyones individual quarterly numbers posted?
What is the most important thing to review before submitting a request off form?
What do you sign once your daily key has been given to you?
Greeting each guest as they enter our stores makes it easier to increase our ________.
When an associate wants to change shifts, what for do we fill out?
What does MMA stand for?
What is expected to be at 85% for all associates and leaders?
What step is this in the PSC, "Actively listen to your fan"?
What is our "push item" right now?
When "adding on" what are we increasing?
What do we do to increase our ADS?