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6th Science: Section 3.8-3.9

Formed by calcium carbonate that crystallizes around grains of sand
Fuel that is formed from once-living creatures and means "rock oil"
Animals that cannot survive above the ground and must live their entire life inside a cave
Animals that live their entire life inside a cave or above the surface
Any hollow space in the earth's crust that has formed naturally
Layers of rock and soil that are stripped away when surface mining
Formed when the ocean beats upon a weak area of a cliff and erodes a hole into the rock
A hard, shiny, black coal that burns slowly and cleanly, and is the most expensive to mine
The study of caves
An icicle shaped formation of limestone that forms on the ceilings of caves
A thick, flammable liquid that is pumped from the ground
A tarlike substance that is removed from coal and is refined
Animals that make their homes in caves but must return to the surface for food
Coal that is derived from the fossilized remains of plants
A soft, black coal that is the most commonly used to produce electricity in power plants
Horizontal layers of coal
A large cave that can have a large network of connected chambers and corridors
Thin, wavy sheets of hanging rock or limestone
A steep mound or spike of limestone that forms on the floors of caves
A brown coal that is the poorest in quality and gives off an odor and a black sooty cloud of smoke when burned