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Fruit of Israel

פירות ארץ ישראל
I have a very unique taste, yet I am popular in Israel. I live in the Mediterranean region, close to the shore. my other name is "Sharon", and my color is orange.
My home is the north, in the humid Mediterranean region. I can be green, yellow and sometimes even brown.
Big and heavy, round and sweet. I like the heat of the dessert, and popular especially in the summer season.
Medium size fruit from the north . orange and fuzzy.
My home is up in the north, and I can come in many different colors
Small and sweet, and comes in a bundle of 2-3 . can only grow in the humid Mediterranean region in the north.
My home is high up on the trees of desert. I can be eaten fresh, but even sweeter when i am dried.
My leaves are big, but my fruit is small. I am green and purple when I am fresh, but brown when i am dried.
A small fruit from the north/humid Mediterranean, which can be green, purple, yellow or red.
Orange, smooth and sweet who lives in the Mediterranean.
My home is the Jordan Valley, and I am loved by humans and monkeys.
My home is the savanna because I like the sun. in Hebrew they call me a "golden apple" for my orange color.
My home is the dry prairie, and thanks to me we have delicious bread, cookies, challot and pretzels.
My whole citrus family lives in the savanna. my twin brother is the Etrog.