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World Instrument Crossword

A two stringed fiddle from China
An end-blown flute from the Iroquois people of Canada.
A frame drum from Ireland that Irish folk musicians have played for over 100 years
A pan made from a 55-gallon oil drum from Trinidad
A four stringed guitar whose name means "jumping flea"
A thumb piano in the idiophone family
Cylindrical log drum from the USA played by the Pueblo people
A portable keyboard invented in Vienna and whose name comes from the word "akkord" which means "chord"
A simple horn from israel that is the traditional horn of the Jewish synagogue
A simple bass trumpet from Australia that was develped over 1,000 years ago
Small, round clappers from Spain made out of wood or plastic shells
Goblet shaped drum from Mali
A three stringed lute form Russia with a triangular shape
A five stringed lute develped in the USA often featured in folk music and bluegrass
A double-headed drum from Nigeria also known as the "talking drum"