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Legal Topics--Immigration Law

Teacher: Pat Palmer
___ citizenship is when a person is a citizen of two countries.
__ __ visas allow people in specific occupations or with specialized knowledge to work in the U.S. for a period of time.
A person who is given a green card.
___ visa allows people to visit for pleasure or on a business trip.
Citizenship through ___ is a legal process by which persons born in other countries can apply for U.S. citizenship.
__ visas are for athletes, musicians, government employees, ship or airline crew members, foreign media representatives, and participants in cultural or student exchanges.
___ visa allows people to study in American schools
__ visa is for people who wish to stay in the U.S. permanently.
A formal court hearing that is part of the process for removal of noncitizens.
People who are in the U.S. without permission.
The in a country legal residency in a country by either birth or oath and the rights and privileges therein.
A place of refuge or safety from imminent danger.
A legal document providing the legitimacy of an immigrant's residency.
A document that permits a person to visit a country for a specified period of time for a specified purpose.