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Chapter 12 Luke Beswick

Group maintains control of what happens
Effective leadership is determined by the groups' readiness to take on a task, including motivation and each members' knowledge and experience
Invite input from group members and encourage shared discussion
Considers the types of communication behaviors that help a group work towards its goal
A team focuses on generating as many ideas as possible to solve a defined problem
Disagreements stemming from interpersonal, gender, or cultural differences
Emotional tone established within the group
Written record of a discussion actions and decisions sent to everyone who attending the meeting within 24 hours
Focuses on the behaviors leaders use to influence others
Each group member has the capacity to influence and direct the group
Phenomenon that occurs when an overly cohesive group avoids challenging others ideas to maintain harmony
Disagreements about the groups tasks, procedures, or decision options
Assumes that all talented leaders share certain physical and personal characteristics
Process of making choices among alternatives
Directs others, telling them what to do
Structured outline that guides communication among meeting participants by showing which topics will be discussed, in what order, and for how long
Ability to influence and direct others to meet group goals
All members of a group support a given action
Teams collect information on the nature and scope of the problem facing them