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The Chemistry of Snow and Ice

Mass divided by volume
Isotopes of this element give clues to Earth's past temperatures.
Concentrations of this compound can be linked to past temperatures.
Type of cloud that forms in the dark winter in Antarctica.
Ice does this on water due to being less dense.
There are 121 of these when you are talking about snowflake shapes.
Drilled out of two places and give insight to Earth's past.
Six sided shape of snowflakes.
These deplete ozone.
Perfect sites for photochemical reactions.
Age in years of the oldest ice core drilled out.
This form of water is less dense than the liquid form.
When released in spring - helps create ozone hole
Depends on humidity and temperature.
Type of hydrogen bond in ice.
Amount of moisture in the air.
Unit of temperature
Continent where ozone hole appears.
Types of reaction that eventually leads to ozone depletion.
Smallest number of water molecules that can form an ice crystal.