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The Holocaust

Event where Nazis burnt down synagogues, vandalized Jewish homes, and killed close to 100 Jews A.K.A "Night of Broken Glass"
The mass murder of millions of European Jews by German Nazis between 1933 and 1945
How Hitler died
The group mainly targeted by the Nazis
Camps where Nazis held Jews and others they saw as their enemies
Forced expulsion of Jews from business life in Nazi Germany and the territories they controlled
The site of the first concentration camp
Started mainly due to the actions of the Nazis
Hostility or prejudice against Jews
Camps with specially-built poison gas chambers to kill people
Number of Jews killed during the Holocaust
Small, overcrowded areas of cities for Jews
One way captured Jews died. Lack of food
Leader of the Nazi party, Chancellor and Fuhrer of Germany
A.K.A National socialist German workers party