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WW2 and its Aftermath

Majority of European deaths in the war were of
Name of the coastal city in France that British naval and civilian ships rescued trapped French and British soldiers
Disbanding of Japanese armed forces
The name given to the day of Germany's surrender (victory in Europe)
New lightning style warfare used by Hitler in WW2
95% of this city was destroyed by Allied bombs. (A wall will be built here)
Country that the U.S occupied and helped establish a new constitution
Japanese city where the 1st atomic bomb was dropped
Formed in 1945 to maintain world peace
Japanese suicide pilots
What the tension between the U.S and USSR will lead to
This spread across Europe due to lack of farming and industry
Process of creating a gov't elected by the people
Occupied eastern Germany and most of eastern Europe post-ww2 (2 words no space)
______ trials charged Nazi leaders w/ crimes against humanity
Capital of Poland, population dropped from 1.3 million to 153,000 after war
Country that Hitler invaded which sparked WW2