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Pop Goes the Music & Drums, Strings, and things

An element of music that involves storytelling, nonsense, and repetition. (Pg. B-2)
Records and plays back ambient sounds, often on different pitches. (Pg. B-4)
Automates the control of MIDI equipment. (Pg. B-4)
An element of music that starts with the letter I. (Pg. B-2)
An element of music that starts with the letter F. (Pg. B-2)
An acronym of Musical Instrument Digital Interface, a communication protocol. (Pg. B-4)
Music that exemplifies an unconventional approach to a traditional style. (Pg. B-3)
A version of a popular song by a performer other than the original artist. (Pg. B-2)
A guitar that has steel strings, pickups to amplify the string vibrations, and controls to change the loudness and tone of the instrument. (Pg. B-4)
Combining contrasting styles into a new, unique style. (Pg. B-3)
Hardware that contains synthesized and sampled sounds on a hard drive or memory chip. (Pg. B-4)
An element of music about mood and dynamic changes.(Pg. B-2)
A type of guitar, the classical folk style has nylon stings. (Pg. B-4)