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Mark: Chapter Three

Jesus was concerned with ______.
Means the separated one
Most people want ______.
Jesus was concerned with _______.
Jesus was not concerned with ______.
Messiah, to Jesus, meant ____.
Christian faith began in __________.
People thought Jesus was practicing black _____.
To follow Jesus, the disciples had to have _______.
The essence of Jesus' life was _______.
Messiah, to people of Galilee, meant a ____ who would lead the Jews to world power.
It is an unforgivable sin to ______ the Holy Spirit.
Christianity began with a very _____ group.
Jesus equipped the disciples with a _______.
Messiah, to Jesus meant _________.
Most people want to know the _______ of others.
Life is a struggle between ____ and evil.
Messiah, to Jesus, meant _______.
Jesus was concerned with ____.
Most people want ________.
Focus on a common ____, not on differences.
Jesus equipped the disciples with a _____ to cast out demons.