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Instrument, Bow, and Note Making Crossword

The ___ keeps the hair of the bow in place.
All stringed instruments are made of ___.
A ___ is a handy tool to keep cellos and basses from sliding around.
These are used to make big adjustments when tuning
Violinists and violists place their jawbone in the _____ to anchor the instrument.
The A string sounds ___ than the D string
All bow hold finger joints must be ___.
Turn the ___ to make your bow hair tighter or looser.
These are used to make small adjustments when tuning
To make a "B" note, place your ___ finger on the A string.
The G string is __ than the D string.
The left wrist must always be kept __.
The ___ is a delicate piece of wood that holds the strings in an arch shape above the fingerboard
Cellists and bassists use the _____ to adjust the height of the instrument.
The part of the bow that glides along the string is made of ___.
A ___ keeps a violin/viola at the correct angle and provides cushion
Players place different fingers on the ____ to create a variety of notes
When holding a bow, your middle and ring fingers should be on the side of the ___.
The ___ of the bow is much lighter than the frog.