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Business Law II--Personal Property and Bailments

Teacher: Pat Palmer
The one making the gift.
Act of __ __ refers to loss caused by the seizure or destruction of goods by military forces of an opposing government or pirates at sea.
__ negligence is very great negligence.
__ Bailee is a person who wrongfully keeps the lost property of another or knowingly possesses stolen property.
Gives an inventor the exclusive right to make, use, or sell an invention for 17 years.
Act of __ __ refers to loss as a result of seizure by public authorities.
__ carrier is a carrier that is compensated for providing transportation to the general public.
Loss due to (1) improper packing by the shipper, (2) fraudulent labeling of the contents of concealment of the true value of the goods, and/or (3) improper addressing so that goods are lost.
__ Negligence is failure to use the care that persons of extraordinary prudence and foresight use.
The person to whom the property is transferred.
__ personal property has no substance and cannot be touched.
A right granted to an author, composer,photographer, or artist to exclusively publish and sell an artistic or literary work.
Act of __ refers to loss or damage as a result of natural causes such as floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and lightening.
__ Property is everything that is owned that is not real property.
The transfer of possession and control of personal property to another with the intent that the same property will be returned later.
The one receiving the gift.
__ __ doctrine is a doctrine wherein copyrighted material may be reproduced without permission in certain cases.
__ negligence is failing to use the care that a reasonable person would use under the same circumstances.
__ property is an original work fixed in a tangible medium of express (patents, copyrights, and trademarks).
Loss due to damage particular to the good being shipped, such as decay (fruits and vegetables), evaporation or fermentation (liquid), or injury (animals).
Occurs when goods are loaned with the understanding that they will be used and replaced with different identical goods at a later date.
__ bailment means property is transferred to another person without either party giving or asking for payment (considered favors).
A business that transports persons, goods, or both.
__ personal property is something that has substance and can be touched, such as CD players, vehicles, and even food on the table.
__ Property is property that has been discarded by the owner without the intent to reclaim ownership.
The person who transfers the property.
A distinctive mark, symbol, or slogan used by a business to identify and distinguish its goods from products sold by others.
__ Property is land and anything permanently attached to it.