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Plant Reproduction Vocabulary Puzzle

A cutting made from a leaf without a petiole
A section of a plant stem containing a node that is placed in a plant medium to generate a new plant
Union of an egg and sperm to produce a seed or fertilized egg
Offspring of greater strength and potential resulting when two different breeds or varieties are crossed
A plant consisting of a leaf and petiole on which a rooting compound is applied and the cutting is placed in a soil medium to develop into a new plant
Chemical used to stimulate root formation on a cutting
A seed sprouting or starting to grow
Plant propagation by girdling a plant stem, wrapping it with sphagnum peat, and protecting with plastic
A material used to destroy fungi or protect plants against their attack
Vegetative part removed from the parent plant and managed so it will regenerate itself
Joining two plant parts together so that they will grow as one
Process of increasing the numbers of a species or perpetuating a species
Propagation using a part or parts of one parent plant
Cutting taken from the end of a stem or branch, normally including the terminal bud
A section of a root cut used for propagation purposes
To soak, keep moist, or mechanically scrape a seed coat to aid germination
A practice indicating formation of roots for new plants while maintaining the health and vigor of the parent plant