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Sociology 10 Exam 1 Review

George Ritzer’s concept of ____________ points out that more aspects of life take on the principles of fastfood restaurants.
Middle class parents tend to raise their children using ____ cultivation.
According to the ____ hypothesis, the language we speak influences the way we think about the world around us.
_____'s experiment tested the role authority figures played in our willingness to follow orders.
When researchers are successful at measuring what they intended to measure, they have established:
Research that is numerical in its findings tends to be: __________.
Weber’s concept of ____________ refers to the process where economic principles, such as efficiency and maximization of profit, infiltrate everyday life.
The ________ revolution was sparked in the 1700’s with the advent machines that were used to produce goods
A group with ____ members is the most vulnerable type of group.
Towns emerged as centers of trade in these types of societies
According to Goffman's _____ management theory, we manipulate our appearance, behavior, and settings to appear favorably to others.
A relationship between two variables where one causes change in another.
_____ conducted an experiment on group conformity. He tested if individuals were willing to go along with a group even if it went against their visual evidence (the line test).
Generally speaking, as group size increases, relationships between individuals get _________.
Putting a napkin on your lap at a fancy restaurant is an example of a: _____
Low culture is also known as ______ culture
Third stage of CH Cooley's "looking glass self" theory.
The American flag is an example of _______ culture.
_____ is established when findings are consistent
This theory argues that all social institutions play a vital role in helping society run smoothly
As defined by C. Wright Mills, the sociological _______“enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society”?
Marx argued that the ____, or the workers, will revolutionize against the bourgeosie.
Heterosexuals are an example of ____ in the United States.