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Physical Science 14

If all colors are absorbed by an object, its color will be _____
If all colors are reflected by an object, its color will be ____
Light bulbs in classrooms
Color on the inside of the curve of a rainbow
Number of types of cones in the eye
Light that is on one plane
Old fashioned light bulb
Light sensing cells that use dim light
Something through which light passes, but images can't be seen
Happens when light bends due to slowing down or speeding up
Light sensing cells that see color
Something through which light doesn't pass
Sodium, neon, and ____ are used in sodium vapor lights
Light that does not diffuse
Light emitting diode
The angle of incidence = the angle of ______
Color depends on the ____ of light
A windshield is an example
3 dimensional images produce by lasers
About 8% of ___ have some color blindness
Part of the eye with light sensing cells
Number of colors seen in a rainbow
Color of a neon sign