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8th Science: Section 6.2

Waves that have a white foamy crest
A gentle current that flows as a thin sheet along the sea floor beneath incoming swells and breakers
A type of tide that occurs when the sun and moon are at right angles to each other
The most dangerous type of current that carries large volumes of rapid moving water from shore to sea
A current that flows in the opposite direction either beside, on top of, or beneath a surface current
A wave with a white crest
A type of subsurface current that occurs when mud or silt mixes with seawater
A circular path found in surface currents that are influenced by the earth's rotation
Gigantic waves caused by underwater earthquakes
The depression in the water between crests
A type of tide that is higher than normal and lower than normal and occurs at the full moon and new moon
A type of tide when the ocean levels are at their lowest
A mass of foaming water that is washed up onto the beach
A type of subsurface current that results from the differences in density
Waves that are the result of calm weather and appear as gentle, rolling waves
An upward flowing current
A type of tide with one high tide and one low tide each day
The highest point of a wave
Rhythmic back and forth motion of water
A type of tide when the ocean levels are at their highest point