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France, 2

"Repas" in English
What's the ____ (A quoi bon)
Move in water by movements of arms and feet
Preposition showing possession. The hat ___ my mother. (My mother's hat)
I am, you are he ____
He writes or plays music
He installs and fixes plumbing
He creates works of art
Fables were written ___ LaFontaine.
The hands are attached to the ______
Opposite of cold
A person is ____ when he cannot see.
Abbr.: Civil Engineer
The feminine of "he"
With facility
Abbr.: ETCetera
The past tense of "win": The Canadiens ____ last night.
___ you go, I go with you. On the condition that you go.
The man who is married to a woman is her _______
A rigid support for a broken limb (membre)
"A travers" in engl. "He traveled ____ Europe"
To wash the ____ (la vaisselle) Rhymes with fishes
Abbr.: Passed Ball
I am, you _____, he is.
The masculine of "her"
The highest playing card
I take a bath in a bath _____