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France 3

The man married to his wife
Opposite of "slow"
She is _____ the dishes (cleaning)
A person who designs
The baby is _____. Do not speak or disturb.
Abbr.: District Attorney
If you are not blind, you can ____
Long river of Italy
I ____ landscapes (paysages)
Abbr.: Army Regulation
Very small insect
Not married
The first woman on earth ever
As _____ as a circle (Rhymes with "found")
A building for habitation
Abbr.: Science Fiction
The round object that pitchers throw to a batter
A man ____ old as the moon
Abbr.: Hew Testament
Abbr.: Post Scriptum
Not under, but ___ the table
We open it to enter a room
Your father ___ mother are here.
Where people are sick.
He is not here. He is _____
Do not stay here. ___ away
I do not agree: I ________
To have faith is to ____
Come; ____ my friend. You will like him.
I ____ much time working.
_____ up on your two legs.(Rhymes with "land"
The short word showing that an action is recent. Rhymes with "must"
Abbr.: American League