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France, 4

A married woman is the ____ of the husband
I ____; I am not blind.
You are my niece. I ___ the uncle.
Do, ____, mi, fa
Abbr.: Anno Domini (The year of the Lord)
Opposite of "long"
The two words for "et pourtant"
I am speaking ____ you.
A nice drink for dinner, red or white.
A repugnant animal responsible for the plague.
I ran too much; my feet ____
An automobile company
Abbr.: Engineer in Mines
Abbr.: Extra Terrestrial.
Three words meaning "de toute fa├žon.
____ you for giving me money
It has roots, a trunk and branches.
Paul is _____ (not here)
The first woman ever on this earth
He, she, or ____.
What a hen lays. It makes a good breakfast.
The boy is as tall ___ his father.
The plural of "I"
The country of the French
Abbr.: South East
It does not ____ (It makes no difference)
France, your last name is ___
It is ____ nothing: I would not give a penny for it.
A city road. Like Ste-Catherine ____
We have a ____ when the head hurts.
A woman married to her husband
He did it on _____ (knowingly, and voluntarily)
Of the two men, one is Peter, the ____ is Paul.
The player hits the ball with a ____
Yesterday I ____ your mother. Today I meet you.
It _____ no difference (it does not matter.)
A leg bends (plie) at the ___
I like English a little ____ (Rhymes with "sit."
The ending of all present participles is _____
Do, re, ____ .
Abbr.: Inspector General