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Chemical Texturizing

Spiral perms are wrapped at a perpendicular____
Most commonly used perm rod
___texture service permanently changes the hairs natural wave and curl pattern.
Base __ refers to the position of the rod in relation to its base section and angle wt which hair is wrapped.
Hair temporarily softens and __during the chemical texture process.
__chains are cross-linked by 3 types of side bonds.
Perm ___ determines size of the curl.
Another name for a double-rod wrap.
___hair will not hold a firm curl.
Minimizes stress and tension on the hair, ___off base.
Is the second factor in the overall strength of the waving solution.
Relaxer strand test that bounces back when pressed to the scalp is ___relaxed
___method determines shape and type of curl.
9.0-9.6 pH of most alkaline __waves.
Which part of the head should you start the application of the chemical relaxer.
Perm that is activated from an outside hear source, such as a hood dryer.
__ perm wrap also called a straight set wrap
Double __ wrap is one end paper placed under and one placed over the top of the hair strand.
___waves create a chemical reaction that heats the waving solution and speeds up processing.
In permanent waving most of the ___ happens in the first 5-10 minutes.
Caution should be used with on base rod placement to avoid stress and __on the hair.
Wrap that uses one paper folded in half.
__sections are panels divided into smaller sub sections
Innermost layer of the hair, often called the pith or core.
Rods also know as circle rods
Located directly beneath the cuticle.
1 of the 3 components of an acid wave perm.
Perm rod that is equal in diameter along their entire length or curling area.
Chemical hair texturizers temporarily raise the pH to an __state.
Ammonium ___, active ingredient in alkaline reducing agents.
One of the basic building blocks of the hair that affect how chemical solutions react are the ____bonds
___peroxide, most common neutralizer.
0-14 is the __ of the pH scale.
__relaxed hair is unfit for permanent waving and will not hold a curl.
Permanent ___ is a two step process which first undergoes a physical change then a chemical change.
No-base Hydroxide relaxer does not require the application of a ___ cream
All perm wraps begin by sectioning the hair into__
___monothioglycolate is the main ingredient in true acid and acid balanced waves.
Chemical services should not be performed if the scalp analysis shows any ___
Waving solution breaks the disulfide bonds through a chemical reaction called__
Tough exterior layer of the hair that surrounds inner layers of the hair.
Process that stops the action of the waving solution, ____neutralizing.