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Midterm Intro to Law 8/11/2015

Teacher: Susan Middleton-Poole
In a civil lawsuit, a plaintiff bears the burden of _____ just like a prosecutor in a criminal case.
A civil wrong
Minors, drunks, and mental incompetents are believed to lack the _____ to enter into contracts.
The finder of fact in a trial
A person who participates in a known dangerous sport is said to have assumed the ___
One function of the law is to Keep the _____
A person who unintentionally hurts a third party can be found guilty of a battery based on the Doctrine of ________ Intent
Causation consists of both ______ and proximate cause.
Both parties in a civil lawsuit and only the defendant in a criminal have this right to ____ after entry of judgment by the court.
Primary source of law in America is the U. S. ____
____ invites rescue doctrine is intended to encourage someone to attempt to rescue another who is in a perilous situation
The Legislative branch has the power to ____ the laws.
The first required element of contract formation.
A body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority and having legal force.
The Executive Branch has the power to ______ the laws
The _______ of Frauds requires Contracts for the sale of land to be written
Interference with a landowners right to exclusive use of his property.
Proximate cause is also know as this.____ cause.
Type of person who may lack capacity to enter into a contract due to imbibing alcohol
The government is prohibited from interfering with an individuals participating in his chosen religion under the _____ exercise clause of the First Amendment.
Libel is ________ defamation.
When a party fails to perform his contractual duties, he is said to be in ______ of the contract.
An implied-in-____ contract will be implied from the conduct of the parties.
Oral testimony given by a deponent (witness)
Plaintiff initiates a lawsuit by filing this with the court a _____
American common law comes primarily from English common law which is _____ made law.
What defendant must file after being served with the summons and complaint by the plaintiff
A defendant owes a duty of ___ to the Plaintiff
Promises to give a ______ are unenforceable as there was no consideration given by the proposed recipient.
Type of actionable imprisonment
The three branches of the Federal Government are Executive, Judicial and ___
Oral defamation
A person intending to enter a contract will make an ____ to another person.
A neutral third party who assists the parties in trying to reach a settlement.
Threat of immediate harm
In Equal Protection cases, strict scrutiny is applied when the suspect class is national origin or _____
Under the U.C.C. contracts for the sale of ____ for $500 or mare must be in writing.
Type of hosts that may be liable for injuries caused by their guests who were served alcohol who later cause injury to themselves or others.
Under strict liability in tort, all in the _____ of distribution are liable for a defective product regardless of fault.
Adherence to precedent in American courts follows the Doctrine of _____ Decisis