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American Revolution and BNA

Indian territory west of the Appalachian Mountains that the Americans wanted to farm.
English-speaking BNA colony that is now present day Ontario.
A British law that officially divided Quebec into two British colonies: Upper and Lower Canada.
French-speaking BNA colony that is now present day Quebec.
The American statement on the principles of democracy and freedom.
Americans who supported the British during the Revolution.
Where colonial leaders disguised as Mohawks boarded a British ship and dumped its contents into the harbour.
The peace agreement that ended the Seven Years War and forced France to surrender its North American colonies to Britain.
The first British Governor of French-speaking Quebec.
Americans who supported America's independence from Britain.
A tax that Americans paid on British imported printed goods--like a deck of cards.
American bullies who intimidated Americans who supported Britain during the Revolution.
The battle where the first shots of the American Revolution were fired.
The meeting place where American leaders decided to work together to opposed British rule.
Quebec lords who were given large estates by the French King and who then rented out parcels for the French inhabitants to farm for them.
A British law that prevented Americans from settling on Native land west of the Appalachian Mountains.
Where nervous soldiers accidently fired into a crowd of American protesters.
The nation that helped America defeat the British during the Revolution.
The British law than made New France into an official British Colony.
A power that the appointed councils of colonial governments had to stop laws passed by elected officials.