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John Dewey Crossword

Jaclyn Russel - Grade 12 Law
His vision of the classroom was based on his ____ values
He was a firm believer that education was the best way to further society, where learning must be shown and used in _____ situations
John Dewey is famous and well known for his role in the development of ____ ____?
In 1899, Dewey published the pamphlet that made him famous called, __ ____ __ _____
He believed that teachers and students had to _____ to each other in order to be able to learn together.
Dewey’s theories was the need for learners to engage directly with their environment, in what came to be known as _____ _____
John Dewey argued that human beings benefited better from a more _____ method
Dewey graduated from the University Of _____
Dewey developed ______ and died on June 1st 1952 in New York.
_______ believed that, in order to understand and learn about reality, human beings must have the experience to be fully understood.