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Chapter 13; pages 300-313 Plant Kingdom

Teacher: Snickerfritz
Term describing when veins branch off one large central vein of a leaf
Inside the xylem; stores food and carries materials to different parts of the plant
Describes roots that grow from a stem, petiole or leaf; usually help anchor the plant
Describes plants that lack woody structures
Venation describing when a series of veins originates at the stem and proceeds to the tip of a leaf, roughly like railroad tracks
Permit the horizontal movement of water and dissolved substances from the central pith to the outer areas of the stem
All tissues outside the vascular cambrium of a woody plant; is the outer protective covering
Central area of a young root; contains the xylem and phloem
Root system lacking a taproot but having many roots
Structures attached at the base of the petiole that can exhibit many different shapes
Hard, sharp (usually nongreen) plant protectors
Venation in a leaf : when veins branch off from two or more main veins
Cellular extensions of the epidermis that penetrate between soil particles to water sources that would normally be outside reach of the root
Horizontal extensions of the stem that grow along the surface of the ground AKA: runners
Region where cells formed in the meristematic region begin to grow and establish large vacuoles
Showy flowers that lack petals but have brightly colored leaves
Storage stems like potatoes
Sytem of roots that has one predominat root with small branching secondary roots
The stalk connecting the blade of a leaf to the stem
Another word for a small road worn down by walking
Thick, fleshy, horizontal underground stems that produce leaves or leaf bearing branches
Layer of meristematic tissue separating the xylem and phloem; can produce additional xylem and phloem
Meristematic tissue between vascular tissue and the endodermis
Mesophyll cells that are columnar, tightly packed and have abundant chloroplasts
Specialized epidermal cells shaped like opposing crescents and function to open and close the stomata
Mesophyll cells that are irregularly shaped and have many air cells between them
A plant part that wraps itself around something to help support the plant
Layer of cells located at the base of a petiole or fruit, that die, causing the leaf or fruit to separate from the stem
A region in a plant containing young,rapidly dividing cells
Blade divisions on a compound leaf
Thick-walled cells covering of the tip of a root that protects the root tip
Openings on the underside of a leaf that permit the exchange of gases between the atmosphere and the spaces inside the leaf
The type of venation in a leaf where large veins branch to form a network of smaller veins throughout the leaf
Places on a stem where leaves are produced