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Geography lesson 1-2

Teacher: Susan O'Mahoney
A vast system of stars, nebulae, star clusters, and space debris
Land mass completely surrounded by water
Distance light travels in a vacuum in one year
Complete turn around an axis or point
Directions that fall between north, south, east and west
Path taken by a body in space as it moves around it's center of attraction
Zone of transition between light and dark around a sphere
Sun and everything that orbits around it
Celestial body that has a distinct orbit
Imaginary pole that passes through earth
All that has been created
Planets composed of rock similar to earth
Force that moves an object away from center
Planets composed of frozen gases
Manmade object made to orbit the earth
Diagram that shows directions in relation to each other.
One of seven principle landmasses on earth
Our galaxy
Four primary directions
A large luminous ball of gas that is held together with it's own gravity