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Chapter 9 Grammar: Demonstrative Adjectives in Spanish

Each clue will require a demonstrative adjective, a demonstrative adjective expression, or a location word. 
Translate: This apple.
Translate: That book (over there).
Translate: "Here"
Translate: That person (over there).
Translate: Those girls.
Translate: Those shoes (over there).
Adjective: That (fem./pl.)
Translate: Those oranges (food).
Adjective: Those (fem./pl.)
Translate: That folder (over there).
Translate: These blouses.
Translate: That (male) professor.
Translate: That notebook.
Adjective: Those - over there (fem./pl.)
Translate: "There"
Adjective: That - over there (fem./sing.)
Translate: This computer.
Adjective: These (fem./pl.)
Adjective: That (fem./sing.)
Adjective: That (masc./sing.)
Adjective: These (masc./pl.)
Adjective: That - over there (masc./sing.)
Adjective: Those (masc./pl.)
Translate: This racquet.
Translate: "Over there"
Translate: This blouse.
Adjective: This (masc./sing.)
Translate: That pencil.
Adjective: Those - over there (masc./pl.)