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7th Science: Section 6.4

Tallest living animal
A baby deer
A squirrel's nest
A bony core surrounded by a hollow sheath of hardened skin
Mammals with 4 upper incisors and includes hares, rabbits, and pikas
An artiodactyl that is one of Africa's most deadly animals
Odd-toed ungulates
A mammal with long, stiff quills that can be barbed
The largest rodent that has blunt claws that resemble hooves
Largest breed of horse
Animals that chew cud
Mammals with hooves
A mammal with a broad, flat tail that serves as a rudder while swimming
Largest group of mammals that only has 2 upper incisors
An ungulate with a hump and is often used for transportation
A solitary lagomorph that is born with hair and the ability to jump
Even-toed ungulates
Ungulates that have only 1 toe and include zebras, donkeys, and domestic horses
A group of nonruminant artiodactyls
Dead bone without a covering