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Greener Grass Crossword

Who took Kit away to jail after he caught her stealing potatoes?
Kathleen's whole name is Kathleen Mary Margaret _____.
What boat did Kit and Mick get on?
What ship did Annie really want to go on?
How did Mrs.O'Toole find out her son Kenny died?
Kit's house got evicted when her family didn't pay _____.
How many pounds of money did the shopkeeper give Kit for the honey?
What did Lizzie sell to earn gold coins?
What thing of the baby's did they sell?
Kit got pass Lynches sons by dressing up as a ___.
What job did Brigid do for Lady Fraser?
What is Kathleen's nickname that everybody calls her accept her mother?
People thought Mrs.______ was a crazy witch.
How many weeks did Kit have to stay in jail for.
What is the red head Patricia nickname?