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Science Vocabulary

Puzzle Type: Educational
Mrs.Spratlin: Brooke Woods
The capacity to do work.
Something that incites to action.
an organism that gets food by eating other organisms or their byproducts and that cannot make organic compounds from inorganic materials
Organisms that consume nutrients from dead organic matter.
a substance made up of atoms of two or more different elements joined by chemical bonds
a molecule that is present in all living cells and that contains the information that determines the traits that a living thing inherits and needs to live
reproduction in which one parent produces offspring that are genetically identical to the parent.
The movement or growth of an organism in a particular direction in response to contact with a solid object
The smallest unit of an element that maintains the properties of that element.
Growth or movement of a organism toward or away from a source of light
an organism that can make its own food by using energy from its surroundings
a group of atoms that are held together by chemical forces
the passing of genetic traits from parent to offspring
an organism that gets energy by breaking down the remains of dead organisms or animal wastes and consuming or absorbing the nutrients
An organism capable of synthesizing its own food from inorganic substances
The effect of a stimuli.
Reproduction where the sex cells from two parents unite to produce offspring made of traits from both parents.
the response of a plant part to the stimulus of gravity
The maintenance of a constant internal in a changing environment.
an organism that eats other organisms or organic matter
An animal that feed on dead animal or dead plant matter.
Growth or movement in a organism toward or away from water
the sum of all chemical processes that occur in an organism
a living thing
The smallest functional and structural unit of all living organisms.