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6th Grade Geography

A volcano that is showing no signs of activity but could still erupt
When a country brings in a good or product from another country
A small river that flows into a larger river
A region of parallel mountain chains
The process by which weathered bits of rock are moved elsewhere by weather, wind or ice
How much above or below sea level a feature is
A map that shows more specialized information like vegetation growing in an area
Distortions of some aspects of Earth in order to represent others as accurately as possible on a flat map
The average weather in an area over a long period of time
The starting point for the measuring of longitude
An imaginary line that runs through Earth’s center from North Pole to South Pole
Living or occurring naturally in a particular place
The study of Earth and its peoples, places and environments
When a country sends out a good or product to another country
The set of beliefs, behaviors and traits shared by a group of people
Describing a group of people who are always on the move, not settled in one place
A child of a French settler and a member of the First Nations
Getting information from far away
Money sent back to a person’s homeland after they have migrated somewhere else for work
A narrow piece of land that connects two larger land masses
A group of islands
A Spanish conqueror, explorer and soldier
To leave one’s home to live in another place
A smaller part of a larger region
A line of elevation where trees can no longer grow because it is too cold
Trees that have needle-like leaves and produce cones