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Old Testament Survey

Sharon Fletcher: Sharon Fletcher
The difference between Major and Minor Prophets' books.
Poems written by different people in different times.
Understanding chronology will help us interpret the __ correctly.
Throughout history, God revealed himself in increasing __.
The writer of Lamentations.
The kings of Judah were descendants of __.
The last of the Major Prophets.
The books that tell of the splitting of Israel into 2 nations.
The book that tells of creation.
First book of the Old Testament
Haggai, Zechariah, & Malachi prophesied of the coming ___.
From Genesis to Esther are books of ___.
Tells the story of Israel's 40 years of wilderness wandering.
The story of the trials of one man.
This book tells of those who ruled after Joshua.
The book that tells of Israel's entering into the promised land.
Other that Babylon, what nation took Israel captive?
Tells the stories of the Kings of Judah before the exile into Babylon.
One of the nations who took Israel into captivity [comes from the root word for Babel].
Gives instructions for O.T. priests.
The first of the minor prophets.
These 2 books tell of Saul, David, & the prophet who influenced them.
Last book of the Old Testament
One of the major prophets--he did not prophesy about the upcoming exile.
The first of the Major Prophets.
From Job to Song of Solomon are books of ___.
The story of Israel's escape from Egypt.
The book in which Joshua became Moses' covenant successor.
Ezra and Nehemiah tell the story of the rebuilding of __.
He wrote Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs.
The 2 kingdoms after the splitting of Israel were Israel and ___.
Ezra prophesied a destruction that happened at the end of Second ___.
Daniel referred back to this man's prophecy.
A short book about one woman.