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Rocks and Minerals

Teacher: Mr.New
A naturally formed solid made up of one or more minerals
A mineral that contains oxygen and a metal
This mineral is a pure substance on the periodic table
The way a surface reflects light
Hot fluids cause mineral crystals to become extremely large
The color that a rock or mineral leaves on a non glazed porcelain tile
A rock formed due to volcanic activity
They form when magma cools before reaching the Earths surface and millions of mineral crystals are formed
A type of mineral that has both silicon and oxygen combined in the mineral
A mineral that contains carbon and oxygen
The mineral form of salt is in this group
A type of scale used to see how hard a rock or mineral is
A type of mineral that does not have silicon and oxygen combined
The texture of a metamorphic rock which the minerals are not arranged in planes or bands
A mineral that contains sulfur and a metal
The process in which a natural force moves soil and sediment from one location to another
A type of rock that starts out as a different rock and forms into another rock
This mineral contains sulfur and oxygen
An igneous rock that forms quickly outside of the volcano
The process in which eroded material is laid down from one location to another