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French Revolution Study Guide

An execution tool used in the French Revolution
To re-gain control of his country, Louis XVI needed the assistance of a...
A new society that Robspierre created
Was considered the philosophical center of the world at this time
Also known as "The People's Friend"; a newspaper
The reason for Louis XVI assisting the American Revolution
The marriage of Louis to Marie Antoinette united the Hofburgs and the...
The National Assembly changed to the...
The calendar was altered to 10 days during the revolution to keep people from remembering what day?
Rebellious Frenchmen who did not wear knee-pants to prove that they weren't Aristocrats
Marie Antoinette is famous for this quote that she never said.
Louis' marriage to Marie-Antoinette was a political union between France and...
Rose to power after five years of uncertainty during the French Revolution