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Easter in Norway: Hva heter det på norsk?

Norwegian tradition tells us that the Virgin Mary would dance with the sun on one of these on Easter morning.
Norwegian word for "Easter."
The color most associated with Easter in Norway.
Meaning transgressions, on Easter we remember that Jesus died, so that love might triumph over them.
In the olden days, people believed that the witches flew there on Maundy Thursday.
A modern Easter tradition in Norway associated with crime fiction and film.
The day of merriment before the beginning of Lent.
These creatures with long floppy ears were first associated with Easter on the Continent but now are often part of Easter in Norway.
The Way of the Cross, symbolic of the path of the Passion of Christ.
This meal of bread and wine was taken by Jesus and his disciples for the first time at the Last Supper.
One of the names for the "Fastelavn" pastry traditionally eaten during Lent.
Heathen belief warns that these devious creatures would come out before Easter and might sweep away a horse, cow, or sheep from the farm.
The Germanic goddess of fertility, from which the English word "Easter" is derived.
The period of time that leads up to Easter.
Norwegian for "Good Friday."
The mountain where Christ was crucified.
The color associated with Good Friday.
Tradtionally, people would receive these on Good Friday in rememberance of the suffering of Christ.
One of the names for the yellow flower most associated with Easter in Norway.
These days children look forward to eating Easter eggs made with this deliciously sweet substance.
No too long ago, many Norwegians lowered this to half-staff and then raised it back up on Easter Sunday.
The Middle English word for "Passover," derived from the Hebrew.
In recent times, many are serving this poultry for Easter dinner.
During Passover, the Jews remember their escape from slavery in this land.
Christians worldwide celebrate Easter in rememberance of this.
These adorable little avian creatures are associated with Easter.
Norwegian for "holiday."
The festive celebration in many Western countries before the season of Lent.
This is a day of purfication, when Jesus and his disciples washed their feet.
One week before Easter, it was the day when Jesus rode back into Jerusalem.
A old Easter morning custom, symbolic of the ressurection of Christ. It was even believed if a sick person could come along, they would get better.
These are often decorated with feathers and put in a vase.
Traditionally, the sacrifice of Jesus is associated with this animal.
The tradition of traveling over to Sweden to buy cheaper groceries, an Easter season ritual for many Norwegians.
It is very popular to decorate these for Easter, and sometimes a special hunt is organized for children.
In olden days, this was put out for the bears to eat.
In Norway, it's very popular to go up to the mountains, put two of these on, and head out.