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Trigonometry: Chapter 1

Teacher: Mrs. Key
Cotangent is __ in quadrant 4.
Hypotenuse over opposite
Opposite over adjacent
A type of notation that represents the y-value of the function for the indicated x-value.
Adjacent over opposite
The number of trigonometric functions.
Positive angles rotate in this direction.
The shorter sides of a right triangle.
Hypotenuse over adjacent
Two positive angles with measures whose sum is 180 degrees.
An angle that equals 90 degrees
Cosine and secant are ___.
The side of a triangle opposite the right angle.
An angle measuring more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.
Angles in standard position whose terminal sides lied on the x-axis or y-axis.
One___=1/3600 of a degree.
A type of simplified notation that uses parentheses and brackets.
Opposite over hypotenuse
Adjacent over hypotenuse
An angle that is formed by a clockwise rotation around its endpoint.
One ___= 1/60 of a degree.
These angles have measures that differ by 360 degrees.
One of the first Greek thinkers of mathematics.
A way for remembering how to compute sine, cosine, & tangent.
When a ray is rotated around its endpoint to form an angle, the ray in this position is called___.
The sum of two positive angles equals 90 degrees.
An angle is in this position if the vertex is at the origin and its initial side lies on the positive x-axis.
An angle between 0 and 90 degrees.
Cosecant is ___ in quadrant 2.
When calculating quadrantal angles r equals ____.