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Science 6 - Crossword

The smallest "living" building block of life on earth.
A tail like structures that allows protists bacteria to swim or crawl around.
An organism that eats both meat and plants is classified as a....
The sack like organelle of a cell that stores large amounts of water and food for later use.
An animal that only eats other animals.
The process of grouping thing that share similarities.
A type of experiment in which ONLY one "Variable" is manipulated
Something made of one single cell is classified as...
A living thing no matter of size is called....
The name we call microscopic "Animal like" organisms.
A type of reproductive cycle that involves two parents creating offspring made from egg and sperm cells.
A substance injected in order to help your body build anti-bodies to protect against pathogens and viruses.
Tiny hairlike structures that help push or crawl bacteria around its environment.
Consumer species that obtain energy by eating only plants.
A chemical reaction that creates "HEAT" as an energy byproduct is called....
The smallest non-living building block of the universe.
Single celled prokaryote organism that lacks a nucleus.
The thick gel substance that fills the empty space inside cells and supports the Organelles inside the cell
A Type of diagram that shows evolutionary relationship across many species.
An organisim that can make its own food from the sun is an...
An animal who can NOT make its own food is called...
A type of reproductive cycle that involves only one parents creating genetic clones of itself....
Animal & Plant cells hold what type of genetic material in their nucleus.