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6SS-Ancient Greece Vocab 1

One of the landforms that make up Greece - there are hundreds of them.
This Greek age started in 500 BC and was called "Glorious".
A land form surrounded on 3 sides by water
The southern portion of the Greek peninsula
Someone who travels and does business on the sea.
One crop commonly grown in Greece that they are known for
One of the low landforms that make up Greece.
The way Minoans brought water into their palaces.
One item that shows that Minoans were wealthy and artistic people.
The war in Greek mythology that has been thought to be started by the Mycenaeans.
This is a "natural" landform that helps make up Greece
One of the 4 landforms that make up Greece
The earliest known Greek civilization.
A civilization that started on the mainland of Greece and was made up of many cities, each with its own king.
The Minoans are thought to be ________ people.
A common occupation in Greece
The large island in Greece where the Minoan civilization started.
The Mycenaeans are thought to be _________ people.
The Chinese Dynasty that took place around the same time as the Minoan Civilization
The soil type in Greece that makes it difficult for farming.