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Arthur's Reading Race (wk of 8/17/2015)

Puzzle Type: Educational
Mrs. Riviere: Hannah 26
Do something with energy
Put food in mouth
People who help us
Show you can do it
To get with money
Hard to do
Thought it was easier than it is
Starts with "S" and rhymes with rat.
The teacher told the students to _____ down
I had to ____ my belly with food.
Been taught
Gives information
My dress is made of a soft ______.
To make words with letters
The cashier put my groceries in a ____.
Hannah made a ______ of all the toys she wanted for Christmas.
Not safe
Good at something
Always put a ________ on your lap when you eat.
Not listen on purpose
To see
Coins and bills
My water bottle is made out of __________.
Happened before
Number after seven
The way you do something
We went to the park and had a ________.
She _____ two dogs.
The fish's ____ is sharp.
It has stars and stripes and is red, white and blue.
The _____ is fluffy.
He _____ fast.
We will _____ the race.