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Life Science 15 A-D

Type of flatworm that is parasitic
Type of cells that cause a current of water to go through sponges
Planaria use ___ cells to excrete wastes
Tube that comes out of a Planaria's mouth
Nerve cell
Type of symmetry a jellyfish has
Phylum tapeworms belong to
Type of symmetry mammals have
A bundle of neurons working together
Primitive nerve center
Outer layer of a jellyfish
Type of symmetry a sponge has
Type of worms in Platyhelminthes
Sponges are ____ feeders
Inner layer of a jellyfish
The ___ cavity serves as a jellyfish's stomach
Stinging cells
Animal without a backbone
Type of skeleton a jellyfish has
A planaria has 2 ____ nerves
Animal with a backbone
Phylum jellyfish belong to
Type of cells animals have
Phylum sponges belong to
Nerves in a planaria that connect the longitudinal nerves
There are over 1 million species of these