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Science and Scientific Method

Evidence from the experiment is used to determine if the hypothesis is supported or not supported.
Hypothesis is stated in a way that makes it __________.
Science begins with an ___________.
________ data are numbers obtained by counting or measuring.
A _________ experiment works with one variable at a time.
A ____________ must be formed after the hypothesis has been tested many times and is supported by the evidence.
________ is information gathered from making an observation.
The ______ variable is the one observed during the experiment.
_____________ deals only with the natural world.
____________/Asking a Question (Step 1)
This variable is deliberately changed by the scientist
____________ data are descriptions and cannot be counted.
A controlled _______ works with one variable at a time.
Educated guess.
The data that has been collected must be organized and _________ to determine whether it is reliable.