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All About Georgia

All About Georgia: Jardin Friedl
Started 5ft ditches and grew to 16 canyons
2nd depth to the Grand Canyon
A river that forms the border between GA and SC
The oldest chain of mountains
On the side is the largest raised sculpture in the world
The largest fresh water swamp in North America
An administrative district of a city or country
Known for growing apples
A large body of people united by common descent inhabiting a territory
Separates the Piedmont and Coastal Plain region
60% of GA's land
The smallest region in GA
Forms the border between GA and AL
Any of the world’s main continuous expanses of earth
Protects mainland from erosion
Roosevelt built "Little White House" here
One of the halves into which the earth is divided on a map
Gets most of the precipitation in GA
Means "foot of mountains"