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3.3 Animal Science Vocab A

A device at the end of a narrow alley that catches and holds the heads of cattle while they are treated.
A boxlike cage or pen for a small animal.
An environment for animals kept at the correct temperature and other conditions to maximize animal comfort.
A large pen where sheep or other animals are held prior to being handled.
The enclosed area where animals (typically cattle) are fed for fattening and finishing.
The sum total of all the external conditions that may act upon an organism or community to influence its development or existence.
A tying or controlling device, usually made of wood or metal, used in barns to control animals (usually dairy).
A box that animals use to give birth, lay eggs, and raise young in.
A forage and grain feeding station.
A crate or cage in which a sow is placed at the time of farrowing to prevent the sow from turning around or crushing the newborn pigs when she lies down.
A narrow stall with a hinged side that is used for restraining animals; the animal's head is caught in a head-catch chute and sides are moved against animal to restrict movements.
In a dairy, a specially arranged and equipped space where cows are separately fed concentrates and milked by mechanical milking equipment.
A small enclosure for handling livestock at close quarters.
Something designed, built, installed, etc., to serve a specific function affording a convenience or service.
A specially equipped, isolated pen in the sheep barn where a ewe is placed just before she gives birth to her young.
The space in a barn that is occupied by a single animal, such as a dairy cow or horse, for feeding and handling.